Reservoir Studies


Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., has been providing reservoir analysis to the oil and gas industry since 1981.  We enjoy deciphering complex reservoir problems such as those created by unexpected water production, formation damage, or potential by-passed pay conditions.  The company’s proficiency in integrating rock and geophysical log analysis with geological mapping in a broad range of depositional and hydrocarbon settings provides reservoir maps you can be confident in.  In addition, our detailed knowledge of wellsite operations provides us with insights in assessing how to integrate drillstem test data, mud gas, sample show information, core data, and drilling parameters into reservoir evaluation.  This experience is rarely provided through the services of other companies.  We can provide field unitization geological services that range from the initial mapping and petrophysical analysis through individual tract volumetrics, then continuing on to the final expert testimony before the oil and gas commission.  So whether you are in need of unitization help or are trying to answer reservoir questions related to one wellbore, GBAI has the expertize help you answer your reservoir questions.   

Formation Damage Thin Section Example

Formation Damage SEM Example