Petrophysical Analysis


Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc. can provide a broad range of integrated geophysical log analysis services. We are committed to increasing hydrocarbon reserves through innovative approaches in petrophysical analysis. Rock-to-log calibration is routine in our work, and we typically work in shale resource, carbonate, shaly sandstone, and complex lithology reservoir types. We can provide core studies, thin section description, scanning electron microscopy,  cuttings analysis, and other rock petrophysical services.  The Powerbench and Statmin log analysis software we use for rock and log integration and analysis allows us to apply specific borehole corrections for the logging company and tool string used in each well, and multiwell histograms can be applied in field-wide curve normalization. We can also perform neural network modeling and resistivity inversion to generate curve values for wells with bad borehole conditions or that contain incomplete log suites or tool problems. Old log modernization using these tools allows us to provided reservoir data for reservoir simulation studies.   We therefore deliver the best possible editing of digital log data.  Using this edited data in combination with our experience and abilities in worldwide log interpretation assures you of the best possibility of identifying hydrocarbon reserves in your wellbore.



An old ES log modernization example

Core Description Example