Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., furnishes a diverse array of geological consulting services to the oil and gas industry.

Geological Wellsite Supervision


Geologists working at Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., have many decades of wellsite supervision experience throughout the United States and internationally. Our expertise includes extensive experience with vertical, directional, and horizontal wellsite supervision. We use computer-based horizontal and vertical strip log software programs from Wellsite Systems of Calgary, Alberta. Our geologists provide superior expertise in sample examination, coring, show evaluation, drillstem test supervision, and geophysical log analysis. In addition to providing geologists for well site supervision, we can arrange gas detection equipment and geotech assistance for sample handling, if needed.  We've supervised wells from California to West Virgina, and from Africa to Russia. Whether you are trying to hit a reservoir target in a structurally complex area or keep a horizontal well in a ten foot target zone for a mile, we are your best choice for wellsite geological supervision.



A Horizontal Well Example



Petrophysical Analysis


Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc. can provide a broad range of integrated geophysical log analysis services. We are committed to increasing hydrocarbon reserves through innovative approaches in petrophysical analysis. Rock-to-log calibration is routine in our work, and we typically work in shale resource, carbonate, shaly sandstone, and complex lithology reservoir types. We can provide core studies, thin section description, scanning electron microscopy,  cuttings analysis, and other rock petrophysical services.  The Powerbench and Statmin log analysis software we use for rock and log integration and analysis allows us to apply specific borehole corrections for the logging company and tool string used in each well, and multiwell histograms can be applied in field-wide curve normalization. We can also perform neural network modeling and resistivity inversion to generate curve values for wells with bad borehole conditions or that contain incomplete log suites or tool problems. Old log modernization using these tools allows us to provided reservoir data for reservoir simulation studies.   We therefore deliver the best possible editing of digital log data.  Using this edited data in combination with our experience and abilities in worldwide log interpretation assures you of the best possibility of identifying hydrocarbon reserves in your wellbore.



An old ES log modernization example

Core Description Example

Prospect and Play Evaluation


We specialize in the evaluation of wildcat and development drilling opportunities.  Our abilities to assess geological risk for oil and gas exploration extends to complex stratigraphic and structural settings.   Goolsby Brothers and Associate, Inc., has experience in complicated play types, including those located in shale resource, hydrodynamic, structurally complex, and pervasively-saturated areas.  We’re familiar with carbonate, clastic, mixed lithology, and shale resource reservoirs found in a variety of depositional settings, and have evaluated plays developed in fractured, vuggy, shaly, thin-bedded, and other complicated pore systems.  We enjoy working with by-passed pay potential, and specialize in assessing formation damage possibilities.  Please consider Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., the next time you need an appraisal of the geological risk associated with the deal you are evaluating.



Geosteering Services


At Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., we believe in an integrated approach for the use of geosteering of directional wells.   Although LWD log curves are an important component of geosteering, curve pattern recognition alone is not sufficient for guiding wellbore placement with a high confidence level.  We believe that the combination of all wellbore information, including detailed cutting analysis, mud gas properties, drilling parameters, along with the LWD curves results in superior interpretations of stratigraphic position and wellbore position.  Our geologists can provide both on-sight and remote geosteering supervision.  We use Terracosm Well Direct Software for our geosteering projects. 


A Niobrara Geosteering Example

Expert Testimony


Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., has given expert testimony in court cases and before oil and gas commissions in several states.  We are registered professional geologists in the State of Wyoming. We also have Certification as Petroleum Geologists through the Division of Professional Affairs of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.  We have represented municipalities such as the City of Denver as well as oil and gas companies in court cases, and we are familiar with the preparation and testimony requirements for complex cases.  If you have a need for experienced petroleum or geological expert testimony, please call us to discuss your case needs with us.



Reservoir Studies


Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., has been providing reservoir analysis to the oil and gas industry since 1981.  We enjoy deciphering complex reservoir problems such as those created by unexpected water production, formation damage, or potential by-passed pay conditions.  The company’s proficiency in integrating rock and geophysical log analysis with geological mapping in a broad range of depositional and hydrocarbon settings provides reservoir maps you can be confident in.  In addition, our detailed knowledge of wellsite operations provides us with insights in assessing how to integrate drillstem test data, mud gas, sample show information, core data, and drilling parameters into reservoir evaluation.  This experience is rarely provided through the services of other companies.  We can provide field unitization geological services that range from the initial mapping and petrophysical analysis through individual tract volumetrics, then continuing on to the final expert testimony before the oil and gas commission.  So whether you are in need of unitization help or are trying to answer reservoir questions related to one wellbore, GBAI has the expertize help you answer your reservoir questions.   

Formation Damage Thin Section Example

Formation Damage SEM Example