Founded by Steven and Mathew Goolsby


Goolsby Brothers and Associates, Inc., is a Colorado "C" Corporation that was founded in 1981 to provide geological wellsite supervision to the energy industry in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We now provide geological wellsite supervision and other services worldwide.  The company was founded by Steven and Mathew Goolsby, both degreed geologists.  Although geological wellsite supervision continues as one of the focuses of our work, the company now provides a broad range of geological and petrophysical services to the energy industry.

Our founding and continuing philosophy is that the geological consultants working for the company should receive the majority of the income from their work.  Consequently, our geologists are paid 80% of the consulting fees for the work they perform.  This philosophy has allowed the company to retain the brightest and most experienced geologists in the business, and insures that our clients receive the best possible geological supervision available on their projects and wells.  Whether you are trying to drill a horizontal well in a challenging structural area, are evaluating geophysical logs in a complex pore system, or need to unitize a field for secondary recovery, our geologists and petrophysicists can provide you with the answers you need at a reasonable cost.  Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your project or wellsite needs.